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Guía de consulta rápida

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Descripción del BOSS SP-505 Guía de consulta rápida

La guía de consulta rápida (a veces llamada Guía de Inicio Rápido) contiene la información más importante sobre cómo utilizar éste producto. El manual está en formato PDF. Después de colocar su orden le enviaremos las instrucciones de descarga a su dirección de e-mail.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Groove Sampling Workstation


Using BPM Adjust
You can change the speedâor beats-per-minute (BPM)âof a sampled phrase without changing its pitch. (This is also called âtime-stretch.â) Use the following procedure to adjust a sampleâs BPM: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Press PAD 4. Press BPM ADJUST. Turn the VALUE dial to speed up or slow down the sample. Press F1 to return to the original BPM. Press EXIT to return to the main screen.

Itâs a Factâ¦
The Boss SP-505 is a compact, all-in-one sampling workstation that allows you to create complete groove-based music. Features include: ⢠40 preset and 100 user patterns ⢠64 onboard preset samples ⢠4-part pattern sequencer with Quantize feature ⢠8-simultaneous sample polyphony ⢠Advanced Variphrase⢠technology ⢠Coaxial/optical digital inputs ⢠26 onboard digital effects with re-sampling ⢠Imports .WAV/AIFF files via SmartMedia cards

Playing the Preset Patterns
The SP-505 contains 40 preset patterns. Use the following procedure to select and play a pattern: 1. Press the PTN button. 2. Turn the VALUE dial to select a pattern. 3. Press PLAY. 4. Press STOP when youâre finished.

Using BPM Sync
The BPM SYNC feature automatically synchronizes the speed of multiple sampled phrases. 1. 2. Press PADS 1, 2, 3, and 4 in any order. Press BPM SYNC.

Note: All four samples are re-triggered and synchronized to the same tempo 3. Turn the VALUE dial to simultaneously adjust the tempo of all of the samples. Press EXIT to stop.

Selecting the Internal Sounds
4. The SP-505 has 64 onboard sounds. Use the following procedure to select the internal sounds: 1. Press the PAD BANK button. 2. Turn the VALUE dial to select one of the four Preset banks displayed onscreen. 3. Press the ENTER button. 4. Play Pads 1-16 to hear the sounds in this bank.

Using the Pitch Function
Most phrase samplers canât play a single sample at different pitchesâthe SP-505 can. Use the following procedure to create the 12 tones of a scale from a single sample: 1. Press PAD BANK. 2. Turn the VALUE dial to select Preset Bank 4. 3. Press ENTER. 4. Press PITCH, then press PAD 10. 5. Turn the VALUE dial to select SOLO L for the Pitch Mode parameter. 6. Press F1 EXECUTE. 7. Press F1 YES to display âKeep Power On! Processing Dataâ¦â Note: The sample is now laid out across the pads just like an octave of a keyboard. (Pads 1, 4, and 8 are inactive.) As the SP-505 is processing the data, each pad lights and plays when its pad becomes active. 8. Play the PADS.

Using the Chop Function
The Chop function cuts loops into âslicesâ and places each slice on its own pad. Use the following procedure to chop a sample: 1. Select User Bank 1 as described earlier. 2. Press the CHOP button. 3. Press PAD 5. 4. Press F1 EXECUTE to display âKeep Power On! Processing Data...â Note: The chopped sample plays back automatically. Each pad lights up when its slice plays to show you where the slices have been assigned. 5. 6. Play the pads. Press F1 to save your slices in the âChop Bank,â or press F2 twice to return to the main screen without saving.


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